Garmin GPS Phone Finding Its Way to AT&T

New gadget makes calls, maps routes

We've been hearing about Garmin's Nüviphone — a cellphone with full-featured turn-by-turn GPS — for years, literally years. Turns out it's not just a mirage.

This morning AT&T announced it would start selling the the Nüviphone G60 Oct. 4 for $299. That's with a two-year contract and a $100 mail-in rebate, and the navigation service adds $5 to your monthly bill as well.

This might have been exciting a year ago. But now that more than a few navigators have brought turn-by-turn GPS navigation to both the iPhone and Android phones, we're thinking too little, too late. True, this device has both real and assisted GPS onboard (whereas other GPS phones only have the latter), but is that really worth it?

Via AT&T

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