Geeks Gone Wild

They may spend all day in front of a computer, but at night, tech geeks really know how to get down. Here's what happens when companies like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook let brainiacs near the booze.

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doridesl via Flickr
Two partygoers got up close and personal at a Yahoo party in TriBeCa, New York City last year.
Aidan-Sally via Flickr
Four geeks crammed into a photobooth at the 2005 Google Dance.
toprankonlinemarketing via Flickr
At Google Dance 2008, partygoers cut loose on the disco floor (well, accept for that guy in the blue shirt).
No vodka-spiked punch for this group. Glowing "Yahootinis" were served at the 2006 eTech Yahoo party.
mandydale via Flickr
It's Hammer Time! Special guest MC Hammer showed up to the Facebook Prom in May 2008.
Roshan V via Flickr
As Steve Urkel used to say, "Got any cheese?" Partygoers at the 2006 Google Dance sure did.
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