Geeky Chic Spy Glasses Can Record Video in HD

Fashionable spy gear is usually hard to find. Spy glasses usually look like this. On the other hand, the video recording glasses you see in the photo above don't look too shabby.

Channel out your inner hipster with these geeky glasses that contain a hidden video recorder in its nose bridge. Video records in HD 1280 x 960 resolution at 30 frames per second, directly to a MicroSD card (up to 8GB). The glasses can also take still images at the same resolution. Battery life on these shades should provide two to three hours on a single charge via USB — plenty of time to hit the beach and film your next short flick.

The only fault on this gadget? The blinking LED light indicator. For the love of god, why must there be a blinking indicator? It defeats the entire purpose of stealthily recording anyone because you'll be spotted from ten miles away.

Ali Express, via Gizmodiva

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