Google TV Delayed Amid Poor Reviews

Google's thrust into the television space has hit another challenge -- it's not ready yet. Even with the update to include Netflix and more, the software needs refining, according to the NY Times.

With the Consumer Electronics Show a month away, Google was hoping its TV would be a show piece, buzzworthy and ready to sashay into living rooms.

But with recent poor reviews and some less-than-exuberant early adoption, they're heading back to the lab to refine the software.

Sony pushed the first TVs out the door in October and the company still remains confident in the project. The delay, however, still caught some by surprise -- including LG, Sharp and Toshiba, who are slated to roll out their own versions of Google TV.

There a couple other concerns out of Mountain View, too. Namely, the Chrome OS delay that has cost manufacturers hoping to compete with Apple's iPad.

At least Android phones are flying off the shelf.

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