Google's Eric Schmidt … Talk Show Host?

Is Eric Schmidt more of a hard-nosed interviewer or a softball-lobbing profile pundit? If CNN approves his show idea, perhaps viewers will find out.

The former Google CEO, now executive chairman, filmed a pilot with CNN in August, the New York Post reported. Apparently Schmidt, a frequent guest on "Fareed Zakaria GPS," connected with its executive producer Liza McGuirk to create a pilot talk show. While a "source" said the pilot wasn't impressive, in fact, the word used was "disaster," apparently Schmidt is still developing the show with McGuirk.

Is this Schmidt's Plan B? As the head of Google, Schmidt seemed to enjoy the limelight and cameras, so perhaps he realized that he will miss that the most. Sure he's a billionaire and gets a $100 million golden parachute when he leaves, but sometimes a man needs more. Like a few million more viewers and a little more celebrity.

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