Google's Valentine to Users:

First Google Weddings and now Valentine's Day e-cards? Apparently Googlers have gone soft and fuzzy with hearts and flowers. The latest lovey-dovey entry is -- a Google Maps interface that allows users to send a personalized e-card to remind loved ones of their shared special places.

The e-card is essentially a map with two pins, almost embracing, and surrounded by a red outline of a heart, according to the Official Google Blog. The domain, bought by Google, consists of simply the interface asking for a place, e-mail addresses and a message.

Still, the Googlers didn't get it all right. Aaron Weissman, of the Google Maps & Earth team, who wrote about Map Your Valentine showed off his Valentine to . . .  his parents.

Mom and Dad,

Remember our trip to Eliat way back when? snorkeling with dolphins may still be the best thing I've ever done to this day :)  Can't wait to see you guys in LA next weekend.

Come on, man, that's pretty dorky. While you can love your parents, you can't love-love your parents. He could have at least made up a girlfriend who lives in Canada.

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