Hands Free Facebook Posting While You Drive

A new tool eliminates the one place you can't (safely) update your status

For those who need to update all their friends, followers or fans during the car trip to work or the store, there’s a new tool to help do it hands free.

OnStar launched a Facebook integration Wednesday that allows drivers to dictate a message to update their status.

Forget all the nags who keep reminding you to put your phone down while driving. (We’re talking about you, Oprah)

OnStar is looking for ways to keep you connected to social media while you’re behind the wheel. Not only by the voice-activated status update but also offer a way to listen to your most recent news feeds.

Other new technologies will include voice-based texting, which allows customers to send and receive texts using Bluetooth.

All of this while going 80+ along the real super highway. 

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