Reviews are In: “Silicon Valley” Kind of Like the Real Silicon Valley, All Brogramming, No Ladies

Dudes and buzzwords and computers and cash -- but at least this "Silicon Valley" has jokes.


Awkward dudes, a lot of brainstorming on buzzwords. Computers and cash -- and not a lot of contributions from ladies.

"Silicon Valley," the new HBO show that's "Office Space" and "King of the Hill" creator Mike Judge's spoof on the "real" Silicon Valley, is "spot on," reviews of the new show said.

But what's right about the new show, which premiered Sunday, is also what's wrong about the real tech culture, according to There were only three women with speaking roles in the first episode. There were, however, jokes about nipples and such from the dudes who code.

In other words, "it was 'bro culture' and the lack of diversity in tech in a nutshell," the website wrote.

Techies themselves aren't taking kindly to "Silicon Valley," either: Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO who made his money off of PayPal, hated it, according to reports.

Then again, it's the puffed-up princes of computer capitalism like Musk that the show is trying to satirize -- so maybe that's to be expected, as the cast members said.

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