Holiday Gifts for Tech-Savvy Gamers

Your crowd doesn't like puzzles or art kits? Not a problem. This holiday gift gallery offers a bit of everything for your favorite gamers.

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Blue, Arkane Studios/Bethesda Studios
Courtesy Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
LEGO Dimensions is a bridge to both the past and the future. Kids build sets out of old-fashioned LEGO plastic bits, place their creations on a "toy pad," and then magically, the two words are linked together, displayed through the TV screen. The games go with the XBox One, PS4 and the Wii. There are many collections to choose from. The average starter kit console is about $100.
Arkane Studios/Bethesda Studios
“Dishonored 2” ($59.99) returns players to the court at Dunwall where they discover a plot to overthrow the Empress.
Firaxis Games
PC gamers will be challenged over and over again with “Civilization VI” ($59.99).
“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” ($39.99 each) for the portable Nintendo 3DS console is a perfect gift for the Pokémon-obsessed.
Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
“Titanfall 2” ($59.99) offers a brand-new single player campaign along with new abilities and Titans for a fast-paced, explosive multiplayer challenge that will have any player calling for their favorite mech.
Wizards of the Coast
A new release, “Volo’s Guide to Monsters,” ($49.99) takes a deep dive into monster lore and is a launching point of imagination for any D&D game.
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