Holographic Laser Touchscreen of Tomorrow Here Today

This holographic laser projector (HLP) projects images onto curved and tilted surfaces. We just got our hands on the tech in the back rooms of CES 2010, and it works beautifully. By using red, blue and green lasers to project large triangles onto a 10-inch area, Light Blue Optics has created Light Touch, resulting in a fascinating laser touchscreen that's surprisingly interactive.

In our hour-long hands-on session, the touchscreen felt like a capacitive screen, requiring a light touch to move objects. The colors looked just saturated enough to be watchable, and the video wasn't super-bright even in a dimly-lit room — but it was just clear enough to be useful, and the Class 1 lasers inside won't burn out your retinas, either. It was an eerie feeling to use this technology, convincing us this is a completely new product category that could change everything. It's that good.

Light Blue Optics plans to license the tech to a variety of hardware and software creators such as Samsung, Microsoft, Adobe, Toshiba, and many more.

So as we asked earlier this week, is it a magic screen or a work in progress? Both, but Light Blue Optics Light Touch is mostly pure magic.

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