Humongous 58-inch Multi-Touch iPhone Desk Actually Works


They say it's not how big it is, but what you do with it that counts, but that could all change when this gigantic 58-inch working iPhone desk is completed.

The desk in the pictures is just a mockup, but the people from Table Connect say they will reveal the actual working version on Tuesday. To make the desk work, you need to connect a regular jailbroken iPhone, and then the giant multi-touch surface acts like a huge remote display.

Apart from the novelty, Table Connect says that the hugeness is actually useful when you need small groups of people to work on something, giving everyone plenty of room to work. Still, I'm still trying to decide whether owning one will make you Lord Of All Apple Fanboys, or King Of The Geeks.

Yes, the Table Connect will be an actual product you can buy. No word on the price tag.

Table Connect, via Engadget

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