Huntbnb Helps Landlords Figure Out If Tenants Are Renting Their Place on Airbnb

With the rental market in San Francisco tight and short-term rentals possible grounds for eviction, a service called Huntbnb is allowing landlords to see if their properties are being listed on Airbnb without their permission.

Huntbnb is allowing any user to punch in an address to find out if that address is hosting an Airbnb rental, according to PandoDaily.

The system isn't perfect but it's the closest yet to an answer: the service scans Airbnb listings and, when given an address, offers nearby listings that could be that address.

The landlord can then figure out pretty easily if his or her tenant has a listing based on what the property looks like and the name of the host.

Huntbnb uses the public API to give the closest-possible listings, the website reported.

Tenants in rent-controlled housing have been evicted in San Francisco for listing their homes on Airbnb, so services like Huntbnb will indeed come in handy... for some people.

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