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iPad Owns the Market, For Now...



    iPad Owns the Market, For Now...

    Those two 'very special pricing events' over at Apple.com don't really point to a concern about unit sales of the iPad, of course. They're more to show that the super-slick, aspirational-product company has a heart.

    Or at least some inventory to move.

    But next year? That may be different, as all the major electronics manufacturers are gearing up to get up in Apple's (market) space, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

    Of course, the rumor around Silicon Valley is that Apple is updating and tweaking its tablet, probably with at least one camera and maybe some other bells and whistles, too.

    The one that has the most to lose and gain is RIM's BlackBerryPlaybook. It looks sweet, replete with all the functionality of an iPad -- but paired with a business-secure reputation that could make it the corporate world's giant killer.

    The Samsung Galaxy is out now, and has some friends to the tune of 600,000 units sold.

    Some others taking a bite of market share are the Kno (for students), Dell InspironDuo (for those conflicted about needing a netbook and/or a tablet) and of course, the Android 3.0-based Motorola Motopad, which can be integrated with Verizon's kick-apps FIOS network.

    Another Android-based could-be is the Asus Eee Pad, too.

    It's getting crowded out there. Hurry up and wait, or pull the trigger? 

    The eternal (electronics) holiday question, indeed.