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The Other Problem With the iPad's Name

Fujitsu challenges Apple for the rights to iPad



    The Other Problem With the iPad's Name
    Who really owns the iPad?

    The web is alive today with all the features Apple left out of the iPad. But it appears Steve Jobs and company overlooked one major thing when naming their new toy: who owned the name before them.

    In failing to do so, Apple may have inadvertently set themselves up for a battle for iPad ownership rights.

    Fujitsu has already consulted lawyers to defend the honor of its 2002 mobile touchscreen product made to help retail clerks check store inventory and verify pricing.

    The Tokyo-based company told the New York Times they applied to trademark iPad in 2003. Apple meanwhile allegedly created a shell company to trademark the name globally just this month.

    And Fujitsu may not be the only company standing between Apple and iPad.

    Last year Fujitsu abandoned their attempt to a trademark because of a California company claiming rights to the name. But the clever computer hardware company brought its application back to life last June when rumors of Apple's tablet began to pick up steam.

    Fujitsu could simply be looking for a pay day. After all the company's CEO admitted to knowing about the tablet's existence for months.

    And it would not be the first time someone has used a trademark issue to take a bite out of Apple's profits. Just Google the Beatles and iTunes and Nokia and the iPhone.