In the Future, You'll Buy Things Just by Scanning QR Codes

QR codes are starting to pop up everywhere. What was once only a common sight in Japan is now taking the world by storm.

We now have QR codes that are used for augmented reality, bring you to a website and soon you'll be able to make purchases just by scanning one with your smartphone's camera.

Ray Tanaka and his buds at PayPay Labs are developing a vending machine that accepts PayPal payments from a QR code. In the demo video below, Tanaka shows how easy his entire setup is with a QR code that is hooked up to a little candy dispenser.

The setup even tweets your purchases giving you a method of confirming what you just bought. We're not too happy with the tweeting purchases part — we don't want another fiasco like Facebook's Bacon program that shared what websites and purchases you made online… We can really see this take off. PayPal is the safest way to make purchases online and it's quick and easy. No typing in credit cards or anything. The possibilities of opening this system up to all sorts of vending machines is endless. We look forward to a day where the vending machine won't accidentally eat up our change.

Make, via Techi

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