iPad 2 Case Spotted at CES

An iPad 2 case was spotted at an exhibitor booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, fueling more speculation that Apple could unveil the new tablet device in the next few days.

Chinese manufacturer Dexim is showing the case with a mockup iPad 2 inside, Engadget reported. As previously reported by NBCBayArea.com, most of the rumored specifications -- including cutouts for front and back cameras and a slimmer design than the original iPad -- seems to accurate.

The news hit the tech blogosphere with the subtlety of an oil rig crashing into the side of a building, and with enough exclamation points in the titles to make an editor gag. Apparently, soon Apple fanboys and the curious alike will make their pilgrimage to the Dexim booth to worship at the shrine of the iPad 2 case. A quick touch of the hallowed case will cure leprosy and acne, spread the brotherhood of man and ensure users they are *thisclose* to the real iPad 2.

So far, however, Apple has no comment on whether or not the iPad 2 will be launched at the show.

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