iPhone 5 Coming in September: Report

Many pixels have been spilled over the next iteration of the must-have iPhone that Apple rumors are an online industry. So here's another: iPhone 5 will begin shipping in September.

According to a Reuters report, the new model will have a faster processor and will begin production in July/August. Fast Company had previously cited one source "with inside knowledge" that the launch would be later in 2010, rather than the summer.

If September is a firm delivery date, there are only about 4.5 months to speculate about its features.

There is no confirmation that the "home" button will disappear on this model, as has been rumored. And the "faster processor" doesn't exactly nail down whether the device will be 4G, as MobileCrunch believes it will.

One thread Press:Here has focused on is near-field communication (NFC). Will we be waving these phones around to pay for our lattes and for our other Apple and Apple-related products?

Apple is expected to, once again, exceed expectations today in its quarterly call with investors. Any mention of production pipeline, or squeezes in that pipeline due to the Japan disasters, may give more clues as to their intent.

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