Is Droid X Pushing Verizon to Kill Unlimited Data?

The days of unlimited data for smartphones are numbered. That number, thanks to the Droid X, may be even smaller than anyone thought as Verizon has found that the X consumes a whopping five times the amount of data as its other smartphones.

As early as this month Verizon customers could see their unlimited data plans disappear, replaced by metered rates resembling AT&T's new model. Of course, like AT&T, if you're already in the unlimited data family, you'll most likely be able to stick with your plan.

Verizon is a network that's no stranger to smartphones but, with the Droid X, now it's got the kind of proper data hog AT&T's had to put up with the iPhone. It's also possible that Verizon wasn't ready for the numbers of Droid Xs that would flood the network, as when it comes to sales the Motorola phone has been no slouch.

Via Maximum PC and TFTS

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