Is That an iPad Mini You Have There Mr. Race Car Driver?

Who is the most talked about celebrity on the Internet today? Lady Gaga again? Not even close — it's Jimmy Lin.

Never heard of him? Most people never did either, until he started trending worldwide, after posting a picture of himself holding what he believes is an iPad Mini.

While the rest of the world is quietly waiting for Steve Jobs to announce the iPad 2, Lin's decided to take a crack at "leaking" out the "iPad Mini." Professional race car driving not fulfilling enough dude? In the photo posted to his blog, Lin is shown proudly holding a 3G iPad in his left hand and what he's saying is a smaller 3G iPad (perhaps 7-inch) in the other.

Most news outlets are calling BS on the tablet — we remain skeptical too — Apple's lawyers would have already been all over Lin if the iPad Mini was authentic. What Lin is holding is most likely an iPad clone — available by the truckload in Asia.

Hate to break it to you Lin, but whoever sold that iPad Mini to you punked you good. It's just a damn shame you fell for it.

Dreamer Jimmy, via Cult of Mac

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