Jackson: The Chinese Are Stealing Our $13/Hr Jobs

CSPAN videos don't usually go viral on the internet, but Jesse Jackson Jr. pulled it off with the clip below.

"Now Borders is closing stores" says the Illinois Congressman. "Why do you need to go to Barnes and Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your magazine."

The Democrat continues, criticizing colleges which offer textbooks via iPads.

"What becomes of publishing company jobs? ...In the not too distant future those jobs will not exist."

But co-founder of Flipboard Evan Doll told Press:Here, "We simply can't hire people quickly enough. The iPad is part of an explosion in job growth and innovation right now."

And Flipboard was Apple's "App of the Year" last year and was recently valued at $200 million and landed $50 million in hard-money funding.

People often lament the loss of one industry without recognizing the value of the industry that replaces it. The classic example of course is the buggy whip manufacturer who does not anticipate the economic value of the automobile.

A quick check, however, reveals many of "those jobs" really are not that great. According to this job description, bookbinders can expect a noisy workplace where they "stand at their machines most of the day.

In addition, they do a considerable amount of stretching and lifting to operate these machines and often carry heavy batches of printed matter" for an average pay of $13.71 an hour.

An average Apple store "retail specialist" earns more than that selling those iPads.

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