Kindle e-Book Format Hacked

An Israeli hacker has found a way to defeat the digital rights management (DRM) on e-books for the Amazon Kindle.

Of course. Ever since DRM-protected e-books came into existence, this day was inevitable.

Now if you want to copy a Kindle book over to your IREX or Sony Reader, all you have to do is download the hacker's program, called "Unswindle," which converts the e-book to the MOBI format.

Now that anyone who wants to decrypt an Amazon e-book can do so, will all you content "protectors" please finally realize that these DRM schemes do nothing to stop real pirates? All they do is make things inconvenient for paying customers.

Which are the majority, by the way — most people are actually honest and willing to pay for their media, even if free pirated copies are available. iTunes ditched DRM awhile back, and it's not like everyone stopped buying music there and headed to the Pirate Bay. Get the message: DRM is stupid. Kill it now.

I♥Cabbages, via Slashdot

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