Lenovo Introducess Innovative Keyboard for Home Theater

[DVICE] lenovomultimediaremotewithkeyboardbylenovothumb550x34130669.jpg

Designers keep trying to create the perfect home theater PC remote control, and now Lenovo takes a shot at that illusive target with this Multimedia Remote with Keyboard.

The 57Y6336's trackball at the bottom handles cursor movement, with left and right mouse buttons just above it.

But it's that small keyboard up top that has our attention, just large enough for typing ease, yet not too big, right-sized to avoid wearing out its welcome on your coffee table. The $60 remote uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection to your PC using a tiny USB "nano dongle."

Our burning questions this point: Is that keyboard backlit? If so, how long will it hold a battery charge? This ping-pong-paddle-shaped bauble's been spotted in Singapore, but when can we get one here? Take a look at another angle, taken in the wild:

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