‘Mad Men’ via Netflix a Reality


Don Draper's epic arc is streaming home -- into your home. 'Mad Men' reruns -- all of them -- are will be available soon via Netflix.

One brick at a time, one show at a time, Netflix continues to add to its streaming content options. And the major studios continue to feel threatened by the disruption.

According to the LA Times, all seven seasons of the award-winning show 'Mad Men' will be available to stream into users homes. The cost? Around $900,000 an episode, reportedly.

TV and film studios see Netflix as something less than ideal, dismissing the disruption as a novelty, if not a threat. But as devices like Apple TV and X-Box make Netflix so easy to acess -- and as that company adds more content users want to enjoy -- the studios aren't reading the writing on the wall.

Of course, studios also sued to prevent VCRs from entering our homes 30-some years ago. Turns out, in-home consumption of their content became a critical, if not primary, source of their revenue for decades.

Meanwhile, the company created to disrupt the late-fee, home-rental model adds to its momentum, one high-profile award winning show at a time.

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