Murdoch, Jobs Create ‘The Daily' — Another Game Changer?

When billionaires put their minds to something, something usually happens. And it doesn't have to lead to anti-trust indictments. 

News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch and Cupertino's Steve Jobs have been developing a tablet-style newspaper that many, incluing Rupe, believe is a game-changer, reported at the NYTimes and at The Guardian.

'The Daily' could be used as a template for other media companies and their struggling print editions ... or it could crush them. Time will tell.

The Murdochs aren't playing around. Rupert has long been the paid-content crusader, building pay walls and excoriating aggregators (looking at you, Google). He's called it his "no. 1 most exciting project." His son, James, has called it a "flagship project."

And Apple has the iPad -- where you get the slick content but not the inky rub-off.

The project has apparently been underway for about six months and will be unveiled at the end of the month.

Let the game (changing) begin. Again.

(Here's a cool blog for iPads, newspapers and overhype in general.)

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