Facebook More Tempting Than Sex

Facebook creates addicts stronger than any nicotine fiend, according to a new report.

A survey suggests that checking social media is more tempting than cigarettes, sleep or even sex, according to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business study, Consumer Affairs reported. The study polled 205 people in Germany about their urges and gauge their ability to withstand daily temptations. 

Subjects of the study ranged from ages 18 to 85, and for one entire week each person was given a Blackberry mobile device and asked to let the researchers know every 30 minutes if they had desires to do a various amount of activities like check their social media pages.

The results? Resistance to Facebook and Twitter proved the most futile. And while some resisted sex, the majority did not -- but that doesn't mean that social media has lost the battle for our souls and minds. According to the study's author, Wilhelm Hoffman, it's becoming harder to escape our desire for one last look at our newsfeed.

We wonder if anyone is surprised that many would choose to read and post on Facebook rather than sleep. Isn't that why we have all those mobile devices, so we can still use them in bed? And maybe many of us are spending more time interfacing with those devices rather than loved ones.

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