Facebook, MySpace “Mashup” Ends Social Networking Battle

MySpace has finally laid down its arms in the long battle with Facebook.

On November 18, the former giant of social networking announced a "Mashup with Facebook," which is a connection between the two sites that will allow users to transfer certain pieces of information from Facebook to their MySpace profile, reports ComputerWorld.

MySpace bills the feature as a way for its users to create a personalized stream of entertainment content.

The move indicated MySpace's exit from the social networking space, a sector where it has long since ceeded ground to Facebook. In face, MySpace CEO Mike Jones did not even refer to his company as a social network, instead calling it "one of the largest entertainment experiences on the Web."

A tech sector analyst for Technology Business Research called the move a symbolic indicator of

"This is a recognition of an old defeat," said Ezra Gottheil. "MySpace stopped being the place to find and connect to friends a long time ago. This is reinforcing its value as what it is, a publishing site. Facebook is not, and will not be, a publishing site. So this partnership helps define and distinguish the two, and makes it easier for users to be active members of both sites, using each on for what it does well."

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