NY Times Offers Subs via iTunes

The New York Times is offering digital subscriptions through Apple's iTunes, acquiescing to Apple's 70 percent-30 percent revenue share for each purchased subscription.

Users can opt for nytimes.com via iPhone for $15/month, $20/month for iPad or $35/month for all three -- with Apple scraping 30 percent of that.

The iTunes launch is on March 28, according to macrumors.com, with direct subscribing via iPhone and iPad coming on June 30.

The site also allows users 20 free article views a month, with unlimited free views if users come to the site from a search result or a direct link from another article or social media source. So, it's a rather nominal pay wall.

Of course, if one subscribes to the print (dead-tree?) edition of the Times, they will receive all the digital access they want.

Anecdotally, San Francisco has the second-highest subscription rate to NYT -- second only to New York. And the Times added a Bay Area supplement in October 2009

Newspapers have long maintained that pay walls are not necessarily revenue drivers, but more of a valuation of their proprietary content.

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