Oracle CEO Ellison: Apple Is Aimless and Google Is Evil

Tech mogul has harsh words for other icons of Internet Age.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has some friendly business advice for Apple:

You're in trouble without Steve Jobs.

In an interview with Charlie Rose at his "vast estate" south of San Francisco, the billionaire software mogul said that Apple founder Jobs was "our Edison. He was our Picasso," according to a transcript posted by USA Today.

"Apple is going down without Steve Jobs," Ellison said, Rose noted.

Without Jobs, Apple will not be "nearly so successful" as the company was during the iconic frontman's tenure, he said, according to CBS.

Ellison also has no love for Google, which Oracle has accused of using programming language proprietary to its firm without permission. That case is now in the courts, but Ellison was happy to sound off.

"The only people I have trouble with are the Google guys," Ellison told Rose. "I think what they did was -- was-- absolutely evil."

For that, the third-richest man in the world blames Larry Page.

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