Oracle Rockopolis Invades Treasure Island

Black Eyed Peas, Steve Miller Band & Don Henley play the county fair on TI.

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Josh Keppel
Thousands were shuttled out to Treasure Island Wednesday night for "Oracle Rockopolis," a big appreciation event put on by the company.
The headliners, The Black Eyed Peas, played their hits, and a bunch of covers, to a packed crowd.
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Steve Miller Band played after the Peas, and brought some 1980s rock to the remaining folks left at the event.
Josh Keppel
If the music wasn't your thing, there was a County Fair of sorts for attendees to enjoy.
Josh Keppel
From the Ferris Wheel, you could see a giant yacht docked just off the edge of the party. I can't image that boat belonged to anyone other than Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO.
A closer look at the boat.
Timothy Lira
A fairly large section of Treasure Island was taken up by the party and bathed in light.
Josh Keppel
Free food was being offered to party goers in areas like this, where Chinese food and beer were being served up in a themed tent.
A nice little garden was set up outside the tent to have a seat and enjoy some nibbles.
José Luis Castillo
In the County Fair area, food trailers like this one were set up serving corn dogs, french fries, cotton candy, and other unhealthy items.
Josh Keppel
There was a Midway set up where people could play carnival games and win stuffed animals.
Misti beck
Some people, like Jaideep Shan from San Jose, did a little better than others, but it did seem like more than half of the people at the party had won something. When asked how many Shan had won he said, "Nine I think, I've been playing a few games. This one here is an ego crusher."
Josh Keppel
There were all sorts of ball tossing games, like throwing them into a barrel, hitting bottles over, and this one, where I think it has to stay in the bucket.
Josh Keppel
Stuffed animals were stuck to many people walking around the party, like Alex Aldrian from Styria, Austria who won the animal on his chest by hitting the platform to ring the bell (not sure what they call that). It reminded me a lot of the Ein Hammer game, debuted at Burning Man this year by neighboring Germans ~
Josh Keppel
This fun ride hoisted you up a few stories up, and then dropped you.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
Midway with the drop ride on the left.
There was another stage inside one of the hangers on Treasure Island that hosted The English Beat, Don Henley, and this guy, country singer Montgomery Gentry.
Back outside, Berlin played before the Black Eyed Peas and Steve Miller Band (pictured).
Josh Keppel, singer of The Black Eyed Peas and virtual Bono of the 2000s, talked to the audience about his love of the Bay Area and the people on the technology front saying, "SF inspires me, we love this place. I swear to God, I love me some code writers! I wanna write code and stuff, why the f- not? You know why? Cause I got a feeling..." and the he launched into his hit song "I Got a Feeling."
Josh Keppel
Fergie was also in the house, wearing a cool Lady Gaga-ish outfit.
Josh Keppel
Psychedelia ensued for a few of the Steve Miller Band numbers.
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At the top of the bleacher seats were little cabanas for the muckity mucks.
Josh Keppel
Too bad all concerts aren't like this. Lines and lines of bartenders pouring free beer and wine.
Josh Keppel
You didn't even have to ask for a beer, you could just go up and grab one. Towards the end of the night, people were taking four and walking around handing them out to people. There was some sloppiness, but people for the most part seemed to keep their cool in the face of all the free booze (this was a work function after all).
Josh Keppel
There were over 50 hotels shuttle buses were dropping people off at, here's the bus schedule most people had to pay attention to since cars weren't allowed on the island.
Josh Keppel
After leaving the party, I found this little guy, a Treasure Island praying mantis. Not sure if it is always on the island or just came out for the party, but either way I thought it was pretty cool to see.
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