Out-Hipster All Those Bohemians With This Panorama Camera

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It's funny how those plastic lomography, fisheye, distortion and filter cameras you see selling for $60 a pop in places like Urban Outfitters are gaining popularity amongst artists.

It's even wackier that most of us shoot digital, but crave old-school film low-quality photo effects. This camera might just be the coolest one out there.

The Sprocket Rocket is a 35mm lomography camera with a super-wide angle lens — panorama-ready. Unlike a regular toy-camera the Sprocket Rocket ingrains your snapshot right onto the "sprockets" or those little holes on the film. It's a neat effect that gives your photos a vintage flair. It's no $14,000 Leica, but it still looks decent for $90.

Did we say it looks retro and that chicks dig it? We'd love to try one out at our friend's next bash, but we're afraid the results would be terribly embarrassing.

Sprocket Rocket, via Vidafine

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