Portable Turntable Takes Your Record Collection for a Walk

The Crosley CR6002A portable record player, AKA the Revolution, is a little confusing at first.

Portable records? The idea of walking around with it while scratching some vinyl doesn't really jive — with an unprotected record to boot — but it is conceivable that you could, say, have this thing in your lap on a train as it does sport a headphone jack. It's also a hell of a lot more portable than your average record player, besides, so it'd be a snap to take some records over to a friend's to listen to.

Besides the aforementioned headphone jack, the two-speed turntable also has a USB port which you can use to make digital copies of your records, the world's first a "platter smaller than a teacup saucer," and the whole thing runs off of battery power.

The real attraction to the Revolution, though, is that it won't break the bank to cart around your pricey record collection. The CR6002A clocks in at $150.

Crosley, via LikeCool

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