RIM's Tablet to Cost Same as iPad 2

Research in Motion is banking their new tablet will appeal to business types, because its consumer end of things isn't up to iPad standards.

Silicon Alley Insider reports that RIM's PlayBook is open for pre-sale at Best Buy -- to be delivered on April 19 -- but that it is smaller than iPads and wifi-only.

Importantly, there is no mention of battery life on PlayBook's spec sheet. The iPad's 10-hour life (and we've tested that to the minute) seemingly remains a huge advantage.

Now, BlackBerry's security features may well translate for business use. And some may want that smaller screen, too, as it improves readability for email, while discounting that airport playback of 'Inception.'

RIM has some time to ramp up cred for the new product, but so far the whispers speak volumes.

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