Seal_dog6 Tweets: 'I Bit the *$%*& Out of OBL!' - NBC Bay Area

Seal_dog6 Tweets: 'I Bit the *$%*& Out of OBL!'

SF's Twitter adds to the conversation around the Navy SEALs' canine.



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    Well that didn't take long. The dog who joined SEAL Team 6 on its mission to kill Osama Bin Laden has started Tweeting. Or at least someone in his name.

    @seal_dog6 joins other recent funny-but-fake-tweeters like the Bronx Zoo Cobra and BP's fake PR department.

    Answering the question, "What's it like to jump out of a plane?" the brave dog tweets, "Scared? I'm a SEAL, I eat fear for breakfast!" 

    Anticipating the SEALs' visit to the White House he types "Might get to meet the President today. Soooo excited. Think he'll bring Bo? Man, that would be mega. The fun we could have... "

    While Seal_dog 6's tweets may be fake, they are spreading some truth. Erroneous reports in mainstream media say the dog in the attack had "razor sharp titanium teeth to bite through body armor," a claim that Wired magazine has said is silly.

    Seal_dog 6 confirms this: "Did anyone think of the dynamics of my dog lips against 'razor sharp' teeth? Use you head people."