Skype, AOL Release New Apps

iPad owners have two interesting new apps to try out today: 

  • AOL has released its "Editions" app
  • Skype just re-issued its video phone app cleverly called "Skype"

This is the second time around for Skype and its app - the app appeared and then disappeared on iTunes Tuesday - but now it's back for good.

The free program allows Skype users to connect to other Skype users without charge.  "Skyping out" or connecting to a traditional land-line or cell phone is also possible for a minor charge.

iPad2 users will enjoy a beautiful video connection over WiFi and a solid if chunky connection over 3G.  Original iPad owners will only be able to make a voice connection.  File sharing between users, available in the PC version, is not enabled on iPad.

AOL's "Editions" is a free digital magazine.  It's customizable, meaning you can filter out sports news or ask for more tech news.  A local news feature scrapes newspaper websites for news based on zip code.  Link the app to Facebook and your friends' birthdays will appear in the magazine's newsfeed.

Editions has been compared to News Corp's "The Daily" digital magazine, but they're quite dissimilar.  The Daily is almost entirely original reporting, Editions is not.  The Daily is a heavy read - with long, complex articles - and Editions is not.  In fact, AOL itself called it the sort of app you would use in the bathroom.

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