Smart Fridge Comes Up With Recipes Based on What’s Inside

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Quick, what can you cook using a mango, a block of Swiss cheese, a jar of extra spicy salsa, and some celery? While it can tricky to come up with a way of combining the ingredients on hand to create a tasty meal, the Smart Fridge from designer Ashley Legg aims to provide both inspiration and guidance.

A touch screen panel mounted in the door lets you enter the ingredients when you buy them, and delete them as you use them, thereby creating an inventory of what's inside. It then uses this information to come up with recipe suggestions, and can even deliver step-by-step spoken directions to guide you through the cooking process.

This all sounds great as far as it goes, although manually inputting the data seems a bit tedious. What if it had a scanner that could read the register tape from your shopping trip? That would make things much easier, and would allow it to include non-refrigerated items in your overall inventory.

Good concept, but I think it needs a little tweaking.

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