Some iTunes Users Tell Apple To Back Off

New U2 album auto downloads

When U2 took the stage at Apple's latest event Tuesday, the crowd cheered.

When Tim Cook and Bono announced that half a billion iTunes users would get the new U2 album for free, the crowd cheered, along with most iTunes users.

But some ... not so much.

"Why has a U2 album turned up on my phone, and how the frick do I get rid of it?!" wrote one poster on Twitter.

"honestly putting this U2 album on my phone without my permission is like force feeding lamb to a vegetarian im pretty angry" wrote another.

Turns out, not everyone wanted the new U2 album in their collection, but there it was. 

Privacy violation? Well, some are steamed, but there's a solution for that. Take your iTunes settings off "Automatic Download." That way, you decide if the free album makes it onto your phone and laptop.

In this era of streaming, it's easy to get what we want right now. But if there's something you don't want, you can keep it out. 

Not so much a privacy issue, but a convenience one.

Scott is on Twitter: @scottbudman

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