Sony’s Latest Walkman Is Perfect for the “I Hate Apple” Crowd

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If you think the new iPod Nano 6G is a bit of a backwards step with its smaller screen and lack of real buttons, then Sony's new S750 Video Walkman could be the perfect solution with its Nano 4G like form factor and features.

Arriving next month in 16GB and 8GB versions, the S750 is just a hair bigger than the 4G and 5G Nanos and comes equipped with a similar 2-in screen, but there are some important difference that could make the Sony a better deal.

It looks like audio quality was an important design goal, and the S750 comes with a digital noise canceling circuit that Sony claims will knock out 98% of background noise. It also includes "5 clear audio technologies" whatever that means.

Battery life is another big plus in the Sony's favor, and its 50 hours of audio playback time should be enough to go for a week camping in the woods with no available power source. Of course if you did that you would hardly be getting back to nature like you're supposed to when camping.

The S750 will be available in October, prices were not disclosed.

Sony, via GizmoWatch

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