Steve Jobs Channels FDR in Bizarre Apple WWII Epic

Eight-minute movie reaches new pinnacle of silliness

Most people are familiar with Apple's famous '1984' commercial that introduced the Macintosh, but hidden until now is this World War II style epic that was filmed later that same year for an Apple employee event in Hawaii.

In the eight minute movie, the forces from Apple Corps Macintosh Division Fighting 32nd are battling the Big Blue Monoblob, a clear reference to Apple's chief rival at the time, IBM. Listen carefully, and you'll find that the movie is jammed with references to Apple's allies and enemies, including General (Mitch) Kapor and General (Bill) Gates. There's even a cameo from the hammer wielding 1984 runners, and fat joke that pokes fun at Steve Wozniak's name.

I wonder what they were smoking in Cupertino when they came up with this? We already know that Apple made other promos of questionable taste in the early days, but this one reaches a new pinnacle of silliness.

If you don't care about the plot, and just want to skip ahead to the Steve Jobs cameo as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fast forward to 5.28.

NetworkWorld, via Gizmodo

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