Taxi Drivers March Against Uber — In Milan

Worldwide ire against "ride-share" app.

The darling of Silicon Valley is dreaded elsewhere in the world.

Cab drivers in Milan, Italy organized a march against Uber, the $3.5 billion company that's revolutionizing the business of getting around -- and putting cab drivers out of business as a result.

Reuters reports that the drivers "demanded that the authorities crack down" on Uber and other services, which they say are illegal.

Uber countered by saying that its cars and drivers had been attacked, and its general manager dubbed a "thief" in posters that have appeared around the city, Italy's second city after Rome.

Taxi unions are a "strong lobby group in Italy," the news source reported.

Uber and similar services like Lyft have been extremely popular in urban areas in the United States but also exceedingly unpopular with cab drivers.

However, in Italy, the cab drivers have gone so far as to walk off the job on strike over their Uber anger, the news source reported.

With 5,000 taxi drivers refusing to work, Milan was gridlock. One of the only ways to get around? Uber, which was left as the "obvious alternative," Reuters reported.

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