Tech Companies Change Business Strategy Amid COVID-19

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Silicon Valley tech companies are literally changing the way they do business to fight back against COVID-19.

Sanmina Corporation has taken entire sections of the floor and devoting them to building items like ventilators.

“We’re adding a lot more expansion of our manufacturing space, we're bringing people from other parts of Sanmina, train them on medical products, and increasing our volume,” said Sanmina EVP Sushil Dhiman.

It’s one of several companies changing course to tackle the virus. 

At Cisco Systems, employees sent 500 video units to hospitals and nursing homes to help people connect.

"It's a great way to protect some of the first responders, and then in the nursing home example, a way to ensure that family members can still talk and see one another,” said Fran Katsoudas, Cisco Chief People Officer.

It’s a fight they all say they’re proud of.

“When you come out here and see all the people we have, hundreds of people here and throughout the rest of the factory, and knowing that what they're doing is going to impact somebody that we know,” said Charlie Mason, Sanmina SVP.

Sanmina is hiring people to work at a safe distance from one another while Cisco is donating $225 million to the fight against coronavirus.

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