TechCrunch Leader Pot-Shots Engadget

Speaking and writing his mind got Mike Arrington's TechCrunch bought by AOL for a cool $25 million. And AOL said the outspoken Arrington would be around for three years. That was only four months ago.

Maybe that was optimistic. Business Insider is tracking the flare up, calling it a Tech Town Civil War (which is pretty hilarious) between Arrington and AOL's other tech blog, Engadget.

Arrington prompted some high-level management calls yesterday when he flamed said sister. Is he angling for the non-cause boot? To be determined.

Apparently, Arrington is sick of Engadget's (possibly perceived) "bulls***." He also tires of their (again, possibly perceived) judgement-call shenanigans -- a.k.a., being "immensely unethical."

This is a follow-up to his, um, earlier concerns about Engadget. He recently fired across their bow, too -- as in painting them "pathetic."

Only 32 months left to go in this civil war, if AOL can keep these kids playing nice.

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