Thin, 3D TVs Top Show at CES

TVs top the show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Yes, we love our smartphones and tablets. Our robotic vacuum cleaners make us (and our friends) flush with how futuristic and cool we are. But for sheer madness as the Consumer Electronics Show, nothing can top TVs.

Every year, I look forward to something new taking over the CES spotlight. Then, like clockwork, the TV booths (LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc) remind me what true claustrophobia feels like.

They're mobbed.

In the past, it was 3D TVs .. Then, sales were slow, and TV makers went back to the drawing board to focus on what viewers really want (well, besides shows about beauty pageants and towing people's cars). Improved pictures, thanks to enhanced HD. Thinner screens that take up less room and are more sustainable. And, better LED lighting through science.

Some of these sets (hello, Sony) are still way too expensive, but that's what we said about HD and flat screens, before prices dropped big time.

I've seen the future. It makes me want to start saving for a new TV. And, maybe a new couch too.

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