App Follows Trending Photos on Facebook

For those tired of only seeing friends' new photos after Facebook announcements, there's now Pixable, a new application that says it will keep the social network's millions of photos organized and relevant to each user called: the Pixable Photofeed.

Pixable actually compares itself to Google's algorithm and calls itself the "first intelligent and comprehensive photo aggregator on the web."

Our WonderRank technology acts as your own, personal “photobot”, analyzing dozens of Facebook variables ultimately producing the photos that you find most interesting. This targeted experience is enhanced by the ability to “follow” friends and receive notifications when they comment on, are tagged in, or upload new photos. This is key for anyone looking to keep up with happenings in their social circle.

The app does allow a lot of searching options, including following friends' photo activity as well as having  categories such as "photos with girls."  All in all, it's not an application you can't live without, but maybe you just might be the first of your friends to see Kevin's latest drunken escapade or Tamika's photo with Justin Bieber.

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