Twin Video Camcorder: Could Two Lenses Mean Double the Fun?

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Ion Audio takes cheap camcorders in a unique direction with Twin Video, a double-lens/dual-mic video camera that records two images at the same time. You can choose to record one image full frame with another picture-in-picture in the corner, record a split screen, or switch from one full-frame shot to another, alternating shots like a real TV director.

Too bad you can't record two video streams — one from each lens, full frame, simultaneously. Aside from its dual-lens capability, it operates pretty much like most other small and cheap camcorders, recording on SD and SDHC cards. Ion Audio hasn't announced pricing yet, but vows to ship Twin Video during the second quarter of this year.

Here's a video from Ion Audio (that groundbreaking company that brought us light-up USB cables!), not quite showing us exactly what this camcorder can do:

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