Universal's “Flipper Discs” Are Either Cheap Blu-Ray Or Overpriced DVDs

Rather that just press the two formats separately, Universal has decided to have its Blu-ray and watch DVD, too — all at once.

The two-sided "flipper discs" are comprised of a 9GB DVD on one side and a 50GB Blu-ray on the other, but, really, how much sense does it make? If you have your home theater set up for Blu-ray, how often are you going to want to go back to DVDs? Similarly, chances are if you're buying DVDs, you won't have a need for the Blu-ray side.

Really, it all comes down to the price. On Amazon, where an non-discounted Blu-ray sells for $30-$35 and a DVD for around $20, the first batch of flipper discs Universal put out (including movies such as The Jackal and Traffic) go for around $26-$28. So, closer to Blu-ray than DVD. The verdict? These discs are a fine thing for Blu-ray owners, who can pick up a movie a little cheaper. Folks sticking with DVD, however, will really only get some mileage out of these discs if they upgrade to Blu-ray down the line. It's almost as if DVD owners are taxed for wanting the old format.

Universal is set to release another batch of flipper discs, though may not stick to the same pricing.

Via Maximum PC

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