UPDATE: Apple Removes ‘Gay Cure' App

First released on Feb. 15, Exodus International's "gay cure" iPhone app has been removed from Apple's app store.

The app, from Exodus International, offered "freedom from homosexuality through prayer" as its basic tenet. And it outraged gay and lesbian groups (and no doubt many others).

A group called Truth Wins Out started a petition to have the app removed, and that list grew to 146,000, according to pinkpaper.com.

Apple originally gave the app a 4+ rating, which indicates it had been vetted and showed "no objectionable content."

The petition letter leveraged other civil rights examples and anti-Semitism to further its cause:

Apple doesn't allow racist or anti-semitic apps in its store, yet it gives the green light to an app targeting vulnerable LGBT youth with the message that their sexual orientation is a 'sin that will make your heart sick.'

Apple has yet to comment.

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