Verizon iPads Are 3G Glitchy: Users

All that anticipation. All that waiting through the all that hype. Verizon users, well, you may not have an iPad -- at least a fully functioning one.

Users are complaining about not being able to access 3G with their Verizon iPads. The problem reportedly happens when owners turn off the data connection and try to reconnect later, according to Silicon Alley

Six pages of discussion and commenting on's forum and the problem is "not answered."

Restoring the tablet didn't help dtsguy. Scruffygrub says the problem is permeating Australia, too, on another thread.

Nixxon2000 started the thread on March 15 and, as of April 3, reports s/he was on the phone with Verizon for an hour and they have "no reported issues except for the one I made."

Scrolling through all the comments it seems that Apple is tossing the blame to Verizon, and Verizon is lobbing it right back at Apple.

Either way, some users say persistent rebooting (lame) solves it. Others dig into their settings. And still others are flummoxed and frustrated.

All of which sound time-consuming, at best.

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