Winklevii Ask for (Another) Appeal

Rolling with no shame in their game, the lawyers for Cameron and Tim Winklevoss has filed a petition for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to listen to their case against Facebook. Again.

In an emailed statement, according to Liz Gannes at, the twins' lawyers at Howard Rice state the court should not have upheld a previous decision over the settlement of their ownership claims to Facebook.

The appeal asks for more members of the Ninth to hear their case.

The twins were awarded $65 million previously, then they sought more. The Ninth told them that at some point "litigation must end. That point has now been reached."

So, you know, that sounds pretty gray, right? So it's best to button things up and ask that same court to hear your case again.

In the court's ruling, it is also pointed out that simply suing Facebook allowed for a peek under their hood -- something that competitors would give, oh, maybe $65M to do:

They engaged in discovery, which gave them access to a good deal of information about their opponents. They brought half-a-dozen lawyers to the mediation. Howard Winklevoss—father of Cameron and Tyler, former accounting professor at Wharton School of Business and an expert in valuation—also participated.

The ruling also makes clear that, according to the justices' understanding of the evidence, the Winklevosses "settled their dispute and signed a release of all claims against Facebook."

That appeal for an appeal seems an uphill battle, at best.

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