Killer Commute? We Have an App for That

YouTube clip getting thousands of hits

Among the thousands of iPhone applications, some are funny, some are helpful and some are downright rude.

A handful have been booted by Apple -- including one called Baby Shaker, which had the objective of shaking a baby to death.

We found one today that is sure to get some added attention, thanks to a clip on YouTube.  And yes, there is the possiblity that it's viral.

It's called iGun and it is available for 99 cents.

The app lets you load and fire a handgun with full sound effects -- and one driver posted a half-hilarious, half-frightening clip using the app in heavy traffic.

NSFW language, by the way. Before you click on the YouTube clip, be fully aware that the language is racist and offensive.

But surprisingly, Apple doesn't accept every application.   

Here's a sample of what you can't buy, according to PC World

  • Obama Trampoline - poked fun at politicians  
  • iBoobs - let you jiggle them
  • MyShoe - something to do with footwear flinging.
  • I Am Poor - images of cheap eats like Ramen noodles and mac-and-cheese  
  • The South Park App - had South Park episode clips
  • Pull My Finger - while initially banned, it was allowed back and became a big seller
  • Slasher -  image of a knife with scream sound effects
  • Murderdrome - a digital comic
  • Freedom Time - ticks down the final moments of the outgoing administration
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