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zenPad, the $155 Android Tablet You Could Buy Today



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    The Enso zenPad isn't going to wow you with its specs.

    Compared to something like the iPad, it comes up short in almost every category. Then again, it's quite a bit smaller than Apple's upcoming offering as well. There is one area where it beats pretty much all-comers, though: it's price.

    The fact that the zenPad is $155 could be the only reason we're talking about it. It's got some pretty spare specs to go with, too: a 667MHz processor, 8GB of storage, six hours of battery life and a five-inch screen. You can get GPS or an external 3G adapter for extra. Still, if you were looking around for a cheap way to play around with Android, this could be it.

    Check out the video down below to see the zenPad in action, though keep in mind this is from a while ago, and it was back when the zenPad was still flying the Smit banner.

    Enso, via Engadget, via LikeCool

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